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  • European Xiangxi quickly converges smile,“Row,All according to you,I know that it is impossible to let you change it.。”

European Xiangxi quickly converges smile,“Row,All according to you,I know that it is impossible to let you change it.。”

I can only protect their two more than one person.。
Blue Xinye glanced at him,“This is almost。”
Blue Xin smiles,Pull Lu Hao’s arm,“Let it go,husband。”
Listen to this husband,Lu Hao is melting,Where is it still in the meaning of the dress?。
Ning Feifei also walked over,Holding the arms of the European,“Future husband,Let’s go too.。”
Ou Jingzhen looked at her,“Why is the future husband?”
Ning Feifei is a long time for him.,Golden is getting bigger and bigger,She rushed him a sentence,“You are just my boyfriend now.,And husband can be two concepts。”
Ou Jingli still wrinkled:“Since you think so,Let’s get the certificate tomorrow.。”
Ning Feifei has a smile,The bottom is not willing to go,In fact, she understands,Their love needs a hard process,She has not received the recognition of Parents in Europe.,Naturally, it will not receive the title in advance.。
It is also very hard to be approved by the parents.。
She didn’t want him because she became painful。
Can be together like this,She is full of satisfaction。
If in the future,They can’t be together,She has no regrets.,They are in love。
Ou Jing, watching her does not speak,Ask:“Why don’t you talk?,Still you don’t want。”
“I do not want to。”
Ning Feifei looked unhappy to see him。
European,Don’t she be very happy??
Ning Feifei smiled and explained:“You want to be like land,Put me to the thief ship,I want a romantic proposal,Wandering a romantic wedding,Newly marriage, then go to the marriage certificate。
This is my dream since I have,I hope my groom can give me a romantic wedding.,Red carpet is covered with roses,The table is written on the white wall. Ning Feifei I love you a few big characters.。”
She is awkward,In fact, I know,She and between him,Because of the gap of the family,It’s hard to go together。
“it is good!All according to you,I will prepare for marriage,Give you the romantic wedding you want。”
European,Watching her eyes。
Maybe girls have this dream.。
He also dreams that when he appears in his life.,Give them a romantic wedding。
Ning Feifei is full of moving,Eyelids are wet,He is really good for her.,It’s good to get to him.,She can’t live.。
Walking in front of Blue Xin and Lu Haozheng bowed ,Nothing to pay attention to the dialogue between Oujing and Ningfifi。
“Blue,Of course, Li Gui’s TV drama file is tonight.,Can’t wait to accompany you to see it together,That little guy should be uncomfortable。”
Blue Xin is also guilty,“I’m almost forgotten.,However, this drama is a bit long.,I have previously been a few kinds of variety show.,Have the host asked,He doesn’t know the specific time,This time is fixed very rush。”
Lu Hao thought,Say:“Tomorrow compensate him,See what he is needed,Give him a favorite gift。”
Blue Xin is quite helpless,Of course, I am not happy tonight.,The last movie released,She is lying in the hospital,Did not accompany him,This time,She lost a letter again。
“this way,It’s really sorry.,He doesn’t need these things,Need our company to share and share。”
Remember a few days ago,Of course I know to be released.,I have been happy to spend someone in front of her.,She must stay with him.,Because the first episode to the last episode,He is a key person。
She promised at the time.,The result is a good time.。