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  • result,Was destroyed,Everything has become particularly worrying at this time。

result,Was destroyed,Everything has become particularly worrying at this time。

despite this,This matter can only end here,All this is still in his grasp。
No matter what the other party has prepared,How much effort it took to do these things,As long as they play them, there will be flaws,From Long Liang’s point of view, it might not be too much to deal with them,It just needs a little thought。
He worked out his plan as quickly as now,then,Implement everything smoothly,Back to his grasp,This means that all of this becomes great at this time。
wait,Until tomorrow’s game,The situation will become very good,The whole world will become quiet,Everything will become extremely expectant。
He likes this feeling,He also likes everything,Just so far,Still have more new ones,Some other things will be involved in this,To avoid making time more troublesome,He feels that sometimes it is necessary for him to make some things go more smoothly。
So far,He didn’t show any abnormalities,He doesn’t know if there are people with the surname Song Song and Bai Zhang Bai beside him,If you have it, you will suffer,He has to maintain some of his own state,Try not to be caught by others。
Otherwise, he must be the one who suffered in the end。
Huang Lei and they slept like pigs that night,This is also the message that Long Liang received from Chen An in the middle of the night,Confirmed this。
These guys really drank those wines,Took those medicines,at this time,Everything has developed as he thought before。
Smiled,Never have as many ideas as before,Tonight Long Liang is destined to make himself a particularly stable sleep。
The game is about to go,Half an hour before the start,So far, I haven’t seen Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai, appearing on the scene.,Just like this,The people who were waiting,I started to panic at this moment。
Didn’t you say it well at the party last night??Why can’t even people see it at this time??