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To split the world are like this。

This begins in the shake eye,Let his pupils whom condensed up。
Even he felt this terrible knife,He even brought the shadow of death。
Before he no longer indifferent to easily reuse。
His hands appeared edged three feet Qingfeng,And very swift hit a bright Jianmang。
NS2450chapter Against cutting hole virtual
Under Knife Gang collided with Jianmang,Giving rise to an extremely violent blast fluctuations。
Then it began to violently crest。
Glaring light like a sun in the sky suspension。
Summer Lenghe bells sound as big Lu wear gold crack rock,Eun-joo as sound swing roller,It cuts in sonorous。
“哧”Among the violent blast Silue,He again Pichu knife。
This knife。
No Gangqi。
No Pilian。
Seemingly ordinary knife。
Just snake knife blade,Black as ink side,White side of gray。
Into a black and white bicolor。
If there is a very yin and yang of the gas flow in the above。
not only that。
Both sides of the blade,Actually there have been some strange——Pattern。
The engraved pattern repeat of two colors of black and white。
And all pattern formed by the light spot。
A vague like a simple pull refers,One is a deployed reel。
And the other side of the blade,It is a bowl of bowls with no rotation.,And a stubborn tab that is engraved with river map and Luo Shu。
This is a pattern on both sides of the knife.。
And facing this knife,The rushing face is downs to the extreme,Even his breathing can’t make a few points。
He felt dangerous。
If you are died, you are covered.。
He does not dare to neglect,If you light down, you。
This sword is equally flat.,Pu Tong,Did not trigger any fluctuations。
Only the thorn sword is flashing a few flashes。
“Rumble”Sword,First, I will issue a Hong Zhong Da Ru’s metal to hurt.。
Then it seems that it seems that a stuff is beginning to fight.。
Two unable to describe the power out of the collision,But did not cause a horrific waves。
Only a tangible corrugation spreads。
This ripple is over,A few feet with a bowl of thick forest,Like an unknown hush,Broken in the sick。