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  • “You are summer?Summer red brother?Mei Jiashun?”

“You are summer?Summer red brother?Mei Jiashun?”

Just arrived in front,Petite woman。
Her voice is very crisp,Sound quality,But it is very proud。
“You are……”
“We come from the home。”Women faintly open,Very indifference,“Mr. Xia,We have come to see you this time.,I want to tell you.,Our family’s family,I hope you don’t intervene,You do have some background,But in our point of view,Isn’t really nothing?。”
Summer slight eyebrows。
Being a lesson by a woman,This makes him some uncomfortable。
Confucius and ridicule in the other party,He doesn’t care,But her eyes are blinking, but they caught in the summer.。
Also the most important point。
He is some inexplicable。
Never heard of。
“Sorry,I don’t know what you are saying.,Can you tell me clear??”Summer。
Talk,Side handsome young people are cold and cold,“What must Xiaoxia?,I advise you to do it less of our family.,Otherwise,It is the master that I can’t keep you.。”
Rely on!
Summer is more uncomfortable。
Dark black scorpion swept than two people,“I will say it again.,Say things clearly,Laozi is not interested in fighting your dumb!”
“You,What do you say?!”
Youth men and women stand up,Gloomy,Gaze。
Summer smiling,Turn away。
Youth is now cold,“Mr. Xia,Give you an advice,Yao Yu is a person I gorld.,Your best point,If you have never heard of the family,That only shows that you have not reached that height.,But you can ask your grandfather.,He will tell you,What is our family?……”
Behind,Summer is not intended at all。
His attention is‘Yao Yu’Two words。
Yao Yu is a man?
What is the family??
But these are not important。
Important……Summer face is impossible to change。
He finally knows where it is wrong.。
Before Yao Yu called,Initially, he still said that he is Mr. Xia。
But the last time has changed。
Although the voice and sound are likely to be alleviated……Can now think about it,It is a lot of。
Not good!
Yao Yu is dangerous。
Think here,He did not hesitate to touch the phone and dialed a number.。
“Sorry,The user you have dial is turned off……”