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Leaping high!

Leaped over Garnett。
Leaped the Emperor James。
Leaped over Nash, Son of the Wind。
Leap over Golden State Lavin。
Legendary dunkers on the sidelinesJThe doctor seemed to see his young self。
Michael Jordan in front of the TV looks at that eye-catching24Smashed the TV remote。
Old Joe of Philadelphia suddenly understood,Own child has become an eagle。
Flying is the most primitive desire of mankind,Everyone has imagined themselves swaying in the sky。
This is also the charm of basketball。
Fly,Peter Pan!
Fly,Kobe rekindled youth!
Legs spread,Did not touch anyone’s head,Flew over the restricted area。
Time seems to stand still,The flowing place is so long。
In the end, Kobe made a leap for four futureMVP,Leap over myself。