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Just when he was stupefied,This number becomes29:23:59:45。
Hu Lai realized that this was a countdown!
There is still a countdown to this task?!
What the hell!
He was thinking about putting this task,Let it be,It will happen,Will it be done automatically when he can play??
But obviously the system doesn’t think so。
See the beating numbers,The last column should be seconds,And so on,Minutes ahead、Hours and days。
Such a count,This task requires him to complete within thirty days!
Hu Lai panicked。
Thought of here,He withdrew from the system space,Set his sights on the head coach Li Ziqiang in the distance。
This is the key figure that determines whether he can play。
Li Ziqiang stands on the sidelines,Today’s training is over,Hu Lai once again completed the training task he gave。
From the time this kid joined the school team,Four weeks have passed,Nearly a month。
He first thought that under his consciously strict requirements and heavy exercise training,This kid shouldn’t last long。
Because looking at the face,Li Ziqiang always feels that Hu Lai’s eyebrows are sly,It doesn’t look like the kind of loyal and honest person who can endure hardship。