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  • Zhou Haichang took a sip of tea,Gave her a sideways look,“Miss Han,Don’t worry,You will know soon。”

Zhou Haichang took a sip of tea,Gave her a sideways look,“Miss Han,Don’t worry,You will know soon。”

See him don’t want to say,Do not ask questions,She took advantage of Zhou Haichang not to look at her,look around,Found that there were only two of them in the living room,Those men are gone。
“Miss Han,I will treat you as a VIP,But you don’t want to leave,You can’t get out!”Zhou Haichang knows her mind,Deliberately emphasized。
Yu Shi looked at the ceiling above,A little lost。She guessed the men should be guarding at the outside door,She doesn’t need to waste her efforts。of course,She can try to jump out from the terrace on the second floor,It’s just that she can’t live joking。
At least in its current form,Her life is not in danger。
at the same time,Zhou Yinglan’s police friend has found out information about the commercial vehicle,That car is a deck car。They are calling for monitoring,To find out where the car went。
“Based on the current situation,The person most likely to kidnap Yushi is Zhou Haichang,Just i’m weird,It’s been so long,Why hasn’t Zhou Haichang called me yet??Logically,He can’t kidnap Yushi for no reason,There must be some exchange terms。”
Wu Zesheng finished analysis,Paused,Add one more sentence,“of course,Can’t rule out his abnormal psychology,He hasn’t contacted us,I want us to worry。”
“Mr. Wu’s analysis makes sense。Zhou’s scandal was exposed by major media,Zhou Haichang probably won’t find the reason from himself,But blame all of this on Hengneng Real Estate。For Hengneng Real Estate and Chairman Zhang,The most important person is Yushi。We wait,Wait for him to consume enough,Will call Mr. Wu。”Cui Ronghao agrees。
Zhou Yinglan stood by,Copy your hands in your pants pocket,Listen to Cui Ronghao’s analysis,She secretly admires him,He is like this,No matter how big the difficulties are, he has a clear thinking,keep a clear mind。
“rest assured,Yushi will be fine,He dare not hurt her。”See Zhou Yinglan nervous and worried,Cui Ronghao comforted。
“Hey……”Zhou Yinglan sighed,Nod。
According to what Wu Zesheng knew,They agreed that if Zhou Haichang kidnapped the poetry,The purpose is to negotiate terms with Wu Zesheng,Use poems in exchange for evidence of his bribery。So for now,Poetry will not be life-threatening,Just don’t know,Will it hurt。
Wu Zesheng asked Zhou Haichang to go to Zhou Group,I also asked people in their company,Make sure Zhou Haichang is not in the company。Another group of people who went to Zhou Haichang’s house called to report to him,Said Zhou Haichang didn’t go home last night,His wife said he was on a business trip。
After they pressed,His wife told them with certainty,Zhou Haichang did tell her about a business trip,Said to visit the construction site in Zhuhai。
They didn’t look at her wife as if she was lying,She probably doesn’t know anything。
See it’s late,Wu Zesheng arranged for someone to stare at the Zhou Group and Zhou Haichang’s home,And track people close to Zhou Haichang,Unless they didn’t participate in the kidnapping of poetry,Otherwise, you will find clues。
Harbin Taiping International Airport,The flight from Shenzhen to Harbin just landed,Ji Yunfeng turned on his phone when he got off the plane。
He looked at the time,It’s when Yushi is going to have lunch,He drank too much last night,Did not call Yushi,I really want to hear her voice right now。