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Li Erjiao is ugly,Angered anger,The heart is getting more and more uneasy。
He is deeply breathing a breath,Tour calm,Turner,“Money,Give it to take him……”
The sound is abundant。
At the same time,Li Erdo and the expression on Qianbei face becomes pale,No sillet。
They have taken a step forward again in the summer.。
More than them。
Step after step,All floors,They all felt that they had an incomprehensible momentum pressure.。
This momentum is too sharp.,Even breathing has become difficult。
Potential field。
Each step,Li Erdo and Qian Hong’s face are pale。
They have never fed like this。
As if the dead god is approaching。
This moment。
The whole hall is dead in the whole hall。
Everyone seems to hear her own crazy heartbeat。
Intangible pressure。
Even if it is not deliberate,Some sexy gods have been soft on the ground.。
The boss standing behind, looking at the summer,Face is pale bloodless。
“This……Is this the strength of an overlord?……”
No wonder the king is so much attention to each other。
No wonder, Wang once said,Although the blood emperor said that the nine big tyrants are the strongest,But he seems,The strongest should be the killing of people in the world.。
“Lord……Exactly……Who is!”
Qianhong is difficult to open,The scorpion is turning out.。
Seeing that there is no response in the summer,Step by step,Be invalidated,Trend, strong heart,A deep breath,“I am a dark building Qianbei,I think we should happen.,My grandfather……”