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What kind of plane is this??

I’m not familiar with him!
“The Knicks didn’t start well,”Kefan Road:“But they played even worse after changing the lineup!”
Knicks substitutions,The Cavaliers also substituted,But they only changed to Varejao,ReplacedTT,The Big Three are still on the court。
This lineup is different from just now,InsideTTis a“Energetic”Young players,His speed is not comparable to that of the old Varejao。
When the Cavaliers speed up their offensive tempo to compress the offense of each round9Seconds or even8Within seconds,The Knicks’ triangle offense completely collapsed.
Although the knight is not a warrior,But the small ball play is still the same。
Triangular offense is the kind of retro、Bulky tactical system,Encountered this kind of small ball play is almost impossible to parry。
If you can,Lao Yu even wanted to attack David·Blatter screamed:Hey,Can we slow down?
Lao Yu can only continue to call timeout and replace me with“Fire fighting”,This scene seems familiar.
“Until now,Xu Xuan still got nothing。”Ke Fan explained:“Maybe he can try to attack by himself,Because the other people in the Knicks don’t feel very good。”
Xu Xuan also wants to attack by himself,But the ball just passed halftime,I yelled and leaned on James to reach out for the ball。
What do you think he can do?Think you haven’t seen it?
Can only wait patiently to find opportunities。