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  • At this moment Dika also ran over,When you saw your friend become like this, he immediately knelt down。

At this moment Dika also ran over,When you saw your friend become like this, he immediately knelt down。

“Cough,Brother, you’re here,Cough,Sorry brother,I didn’t finish…Cough,The task you gave me,I’m sorry,I’m going to die,I can get out of the Hunting Soul Palace in this life thanks to my big brother,Without you, I’m afraid I live a dark life outside,Cough,Dika,brothers,Sorry,I can’t accompany you。”Mo You is extremely weak。
“I am sorry for you,If not for me,You can’t come to power,It can’t happen today,Sorry your brother。”Dika burst into tears,The voice is extremely bleak。
Lin Yan tremblingly looked at the friend Mo in his arms,Tears gushing out crazy。
“Ha ha,Knowing brother and you in this life,I have no regrets,Fortunately, I reached Contra,Otherwise, I really can’t see you,How I wish to see you big brother you can climb to the top of the pyramid,Cough,Please don’t blame me for leaving without saying goodbye,If there is another life, I will be your brother!”Slowly, the friend raised his hand in the air and fell down,Lin Yan’s heart also fell。
“Do not!brothers!”Lin Yan burst into tears,The energy fluctuations on the body began to riot rapidly。
“I’m going to kill you!Seventh Soul Skill Martial Soul Real Body!”Dika turned into a green snake and charged up,But Titan’s tyrannical body can hardly hurt him at all,Fly out the last punch。
Dika has to rush to Lin Yan to stop him。
“Take your friend to wait for me in the distance,Today I want to let corpses run across here!”Lin Yan’s cold body voice is in everyone’s ears。
Suddenly everyone present was as cold as falling into the ice cellar。
“Ha ha,Just rely on you?A little soul emperor still wants to turn the sky over,I heard that you are the Pope of the Palace of Wuhun,Is also today’s young master,The old man happened to avenge his master,Kill the next pope,drink!Seventh Soul Skill Martial Soul Real Body!”The Titan roared, the martial soul behind him became huge,A giant orangutan is beating its chest wildly,The huge breath caused all the people present to fly out。
Lin Yan slowly flies in the sky,Six spirit rings appeared on his body,One of the red spirit rings is extremely dazzling。
“ten…One Hundred Thousand Years Soul Ring,how is this possible!”The Titan was shocked,It’s hard to believe that the soul emperor will have a hundred thousand year soul ring,In his knowledge, only the Pope and Tang Hao have,Now appearing on this 16 or 7 year old boy again。
“Nowadays!I want a bloodbath to pay homage to the dead soul of my brother,Sixth Soul Ability!”Lin Yan used all his power and the entire space within ten miles of it was crushed to death.,And everyone in the clan under his body was crushed by the powerful force on the ground。