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  • ‘’Find?Why look for,Good single,I can’t hold back, so I have a one-night stand.!‘’

‘’Find?Why look for,Good single,I can’t hold back, so I have a one-night stand.!‘’

‘’One night stand?Is this reliable?‘’Chen Tong said in a daze。
‘’Don’t be reliable,Just spend some money,‘’Sun Bin took a puff of cigarette,Then slowly spit into the air。
‘’Patties,You are not young anymore,Don’t play that kind of thing!‘’
‘’Don’t call me phantom,Look how old i am,Is it bad to be free in life??Why are you always bound by something‘’
‘’But married,People are stable,More responsible and responsible,Isn’t it?‘’
‘’so,Let’s see that the problem is not on the same plane,The stability you seek,A solid life,What I want is a wonderful life,So you don’t have to persuade me!‘’
‘’But i haven’t……‘’
‘’Needless to say,I will take you to a place tomorrow,You will understand!‘’Sun Bin turned sideways after talking,His words echoed in the air。
Chapter Five Twists and Turns 44
after get off work,Sun Bin borrowed that car from the second sister‘’Hiromoto‘’car,Said to take me out to get familiar with the environment in Dongguan,I nodded slightly beside。
The car is running on the second ring road,The speedometer is brushed120‘’
‘’Speeding,Slow down!‘’Chen Tong yelled from the co-pilot,Faster,The speedometer is here‘’130‘’‘’I hate people calling me slow down,Feet under my feet,Humph!‘’‘’accelerate,accelerate,You are the darling of the times!‘’
The speed is slowly slowing down,110,100,90,80Still a donkey,Can’t compete with him,Chen Tong slowly breathed a sigh of relief,The car stopped under a big golden sign,‘’Queen’s Bar‘’Chen Tong read the big characters above。
‘’Abin,This is where you brought me!‘’Chen Tong asked
‘’Yes,This can be an eye-opener for you!‘’Sun Bin used his thumb and middle finger to make a kick in front of him。