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“So this is ah!”

Mo Xiaosheng nodded and smiled,Touched his nose and said,I remembered Sasaki’s wretched look when he looked at Anna just now,I don’t know for a while. If Sasaki knows that Anina is the vice president of the U.S. Medical Association he wants to see,What kind of look would it be。
When the two people talk, they will reach the reception room on the top floor.。
The whole reception room is very spacious,Through huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows,Can see the scenery of a small part of the capital outside,And the decoration is very luxurious,All imported tables and chairs in the room,Leather sofa looks extraordinary,A few women in white cheongsam are standing behind a top mahogany table inside, making tea for everyone。
Obviously,This is the reception room specially prepared by Li’s medical institution for guests。
“President Sasaki,Please sit down,Please sit down!”
Li Qianhui warmly greeted Sasaki and others sitting on the sofa in the middle,Several cheongsam women hurriedly brought the tea。
After Mo Xiaosheng and Anina came in, Li Qianying came over and quickly called Mo Xiaosheng to sit on the sofa Sasaki countered.,Li Qianying glanced at Annina,Chongmo Xiaosheng said curiously:“Mr. Mo,Aren’t you Chinese medicine,How come there are friends from the U.S. Medical Association?”
“This one,Long story。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,I didn’t explain Li Qianying much,Suddenly feel a fragrance from the nose,It turned out that Li Qianying suddenly leaned over to Mo Xiaosheng’s ear,Whispered,“Mr. Mo,I want to remind you,Don’t do anything to sorry Sister Yiyi!”
she knows,There is nothing to tell Mo Xiaosheng in her capacity,So I had to move Qiao Yiyi out。
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head helplessly and smiled,Didn’t say much。
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Sasaki, who was pointing at him,Suddenly realized something,I didn’t rush to explain Anna’s identity,Because he wants to see what abacus Sasaki is playing。
After all, the Toyo Medical Association is cooperating with the Lee Group, a just-started bioengineering project,To put it bluntly, it is a unilateral contribution,Not profitable。
So the Oriental Medical Association can agree to cooperate this time,There must be some conspiracy。
“President Sasaki,You see,This is the data and concept map of our bioengineering project!”
Li Qianhui hurriedly asked Vice President Cai, who succeeded Sun Yue, to bring all the materials of the biological engineering project.。
“Li Qianhui,What are you doing with so much information?,Did Mr. Sasaki finish watching?,You can just find someone to give Mr. Sasaki a general explanation.!”
Li Qianhui glanced at the information on the table,Said with a frown。