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“Yes,I understand!”

Liu Xiaoyun nodded seriously and agreed。“If I deal with the dealer alone,By my ability,It is not difficult to escape safely,And it won’t hurt everyone。and so,Action tomorrow,It’s me and you,Serving as a battlefield commander。You must act according to my current order,Never
Impulsive!This is important!”
Qin Liang reminded Liu Xiaoyun again。
Kin Liang is very clear,Fluttershy,He won’t be in any danger。What he is most worried about now is Xiaoyun and the others are young and energetic,I can’t bear it then,Chaos!But the relationship between myself and Xiaodie,He must not let everyone know……
If you really want to fall out with the dealer,Fluttershy caught inside,Is the hardest person,It was obvious that she could not make any choice between the two rivals.,By her character,temper,Character,If you really fall into that situation,That would kill her……
“Yes,I know。”
Liu Xiaoyun nodded again。
She is a pretty pretty smart girl,Qin Liang said so clearly,Of course she understands the key issue here。
“and so,I’m really embarrassed this time,I can only leave this matter to you to help me solve it together。”
Qin Liang successfully convinced Liu Xiaoyun,The biggest worry in my heart is gone,I feel happy immediately。
The reason why he made such an arrangement deliberately,There is another consideration:If once you start with the dealer,,The swallow is bound to be one of the main combat forces,There is absolutely no way to be distracted to lead the Rose Legion,And Liu Xiaoyun is among all the people,The most resourceful!
She is like Jin Yong’s martial arts“Heaven Slaying Dragon”Like Xiao Zhao inside,At a critical time,Can control the overall situation,Talents who turn things around。