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  • Wang Guangwei thought of this,Put away business cards,Walk to the far subway station。

Wang Guangwei thought of this,Put away business cards,Walk to the far subway station。

On the campus behind him,A clear whistle faintly came from the direction of the stadium。
Chapter Seventy Nine The glorious years of Dongchuan Middle School
Principal Zhai stood in the inner room of the school’s honor room,This is a completely different place from the honor room outside。
The hall outside is full of certificates of various honors and achievements obtained by Dongchuan Middle School,There are educational and cultural honors。
This hall is well lit,Bright and spacious,Various trophies placed on glass cabinets and shelves、Certificate、Medals,And pennants,Under the light,Very eye-catching。
This is an honor room that is common in almost all schools,Nothing unusual,As the best high school in Dongchuan,It’s normal to have these honors。
Just on the other side of the hall of honor,There is a double door,That’s not the exit of the honor room,After opening it is a relatively dim inner room。
Step into this room which is mostly dark,There are two rows connected by the wallLType cabinet,Enclosed by clear glass,The light came down from the ceiling above the cabinet,Shroud the contents of the cabinet,Make them look shining。
They are the only bright areas in this room,Is also the most attractive arrangement。
“These are the champions of the Anton Cup。”Principal Zhai looked back at the SLR camera in the cabinet and said,There is a red light flashing repeatedly on the top of the camera,Means this machine is working。
“They all look different,Because the shape of the Anton Cup championship trophy has also undergone some changes。Not even a trophy at first,But a pennant……”Principal Zhai with white hair pointed to a dull red pennant under the spotlight closest to the door.,It is written in yellow italics: