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“What is he doing?”

Peng Changyi said calmly:“Studying cooking。”
Jiang Fan was taken aback,Say:“what,Cooking?”
“Ok,North and South dishes、Man Han Feast,Are studying。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“This old comrade,interesting。”
Peng Changyi didn’t follow his words and continued,Just ask Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,What to eat?”
Ding Yi said:“casual,I want to eat whatever the two leaders want。”
Peng Changyi said:“such,Let’s go eat dumplings,Huanyu Restaurant added dumplings,There are more than twenty kinds of fillings,very good。”
“Isn’t they their main barbeque??”Jiang Fan said,Because Ding Yi doesn’t like barbecue。
“Correct,They recently expanded a dumpling restaurant,The boss called me two days ago and said it is a well-known hometown dumpling chain in the country,After the customers ordered,Freshly made stuffing、Now package、Freshly cooked,Very fresh,Winter is the season for eating dumplings,Let’s try。”
Jiang Fan told Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,See it,For the restaurant on the ground in Kangzhou,He knows better than me,But better than me**More,I often have nowhere to eat,Eat instant noodles by yourself,Ugh,Gap——”
Ding Yiguan laughs,not talking。
Peng Changyi said:“Sin,Accidentally exposed,I wanted to be the leader,I didn’t expect to take the wrong place。”
“Hahaha。”Jiang Fan laughed,Just take the lead。
Three people go downstairs,this will,It’s too early to leave work,There is no one in the corridor,After they came out,I learned that Xiao Xu and Old Gu had already eaten in the canteen,Only Lin Yan didn’t dare to move,Waiting for the mayor。Peng Changyi told Old Gu:“Since you have all eaten,Just find a place to squint for a while,I drive by myself。”
Jiang Fan didn’t use Xiao Xu to drive。
Peng Changyi let Ding Yi get on Jiang Fan’s car,Lin Yan got in Peng Changyi’s car,The two cars drove to Huanyu Restaurant in the east of the city。
Peng Changyi went to Jin’an to study。Monday afternoon,Ding Yi finished watching the talk show,Will be broadcast tonight,She sent a message to Peng Changyi:The talk show will be broadcast tonight。
Peng Changyi called,Say:“I’m so lucky。“