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  • The swallow immediately said loudly。

The swallow immediately said loudly。

“alright,Let’s change the topic,Your master and apprentice will praise me like this again,I can’t even find North。”
Shen Ruoxi screamed and called……
Silent night,Bright street lights illuminate the empty hospital compound brightly,Except for the night wind blowing through the treetops“rustle”Outside of the sound,There is almost no other sound。
Fully armed Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Automatic rifle,Strolling casually in front of the deserted hospital building。
Compared with the hospital in Haishang City,Here is really“depression”Too much。
“Not fun at all。”
This is the third time that Shen Ruoxue complained and said this sentence。
“Sisters,Let’s not come out to play, okay?You think every time you go out,The places I go are all beautiful,A picturesque tourist destination!You think too much, you。”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t laugh or cry to refute Shen Ruoxue,She really didn’t want to hear Shen Ruoxue’s endless complaints anymore。
“Isn’t it boring??I’m bored and complaining?”
Shen Ruoxue’s unconvincing answer,But under normal circumstances,She rarely convinced,No matter where it is,No matter who it is,No matter what it is,In short:The first little princess of the Shen family is so short-tempered,Love who,Love it!
She and her before school,But it’s really a world of change,Except people become more and more beautiful,The body becomes more and more graceful and sexy,Almost all the character, temperament and temperament of the whole person have undergone an earth-shaking change!
Speaking of it, this is really strange,Something incredible!In the past, Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were a pair of girlfriends with typical complementary personalities.,Liu Xiaoyun is a typical little girl,And Shen Ruoxue is a pretty lady in the absolute traditional sense.,And two years later today,There is a big tune between the two girlfriends,Shen Ruoxue became a sticky little fire,It’s the same without sticking fire,But Liu Xiaoyun has completely turned into a virtuous and virtuous girl,The kind you don’t want……
“Row!Your little old man is now the first little ancestor among the sisters of the Shen family,Whatever you want,Do what you want,I dare not have any opinions。”