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  • “Ok,I will。”Lin Yan’s words are very precise,Did not make Ding Yi feel too embarrassed。

“Ok,I will。”Lin Yan’s words are very precise,Did not make Ding Yi feel too embarrassed。

After arriving at the bus station,I immediately saw the last bus bound for Langzhu leaving,Lin Yan said:“Is it this?”
“Yes,You hurry up and stop,I go down。”
Lin Yan said:“Don’t worry,I will block it for you。”Talking,He blocked the car at the main entrance,The exit of that bus was blocked by Lin Yan’s car,The driver of the bus kept slamming Lin Yan’s horn。
Lin Yan also pressed the horn,Signal to the driver of the bus。
Ding Yi quickly jumped out of the car and ran towards the bus,Lin Yan got off the car,Shouted at her:“Your suitcase。”
Ding ran back after hearing it,Lin Yan had taken out the suitcase for her long ago,Told:“Don’t panic,I can’t go without this car,Say again,They wish they would all take a passenger。”
Ding Yi said to Lin Yan“Thank you”Rear,Pick up his own box,Ran to the bus,Lin Yan watched her get in the car,To make room for the bus,Drove away from the bus station。
Watching the bus go away,Lin Yan took out his phone,He called Jiang Fan,After Jiang Fan is connected,Lin Yan said:“mayor,Do you have an appointment tonight?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Why,You want to date me?”
Lin Yan asks Jiang Fan for this interval,Not to eat special snacks,Just take a hot spring,Jiang Fan knows Lin Yan’s intentions,Do not refuse,Because he really needs to relax。
Lin Yan said:“Yes,Do you have time?”
“Not tonight,I’m going to Secretary Wang’s house,Go eat his private food,Or you too。”Jiang Fan’s tone seemed very relaxed。
“This one……mayor,Of course i want to go,but……”Lin Yan does have concerns,Although Lin Yan also respects Wang Jiadong,I ate with him many times,And also visit his house during the holidays,But after all, I’m not yet familiar enough to go to his house to eat his own cooking,Not to mention,Where is Wang Jiadong’s prestige?,Lin Yan should be considered a junior,He is not better than Peng Changyi,After thinking about it:“or,Go to Secretary Wang’s house another day,I invite you and Secretary Wang to eat seafood today?”
Jiang Fan didn’t speak,At this moment,But I heard the voice of Wang Jiadong,“What is Xiaolinyan,Please don’t move you?Is my family’s threshold high or you refuse to condescend?”
Lin Yanyi listen,Said quickly:“Secretary Wang、Secretary Wang,That is not what i mean,I can’t hide it from you?I……I’m embarrassed?”