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  • Liu Xiaoyun disdainfully retorted。

Liu Xiaoyun disdainfully retorted。

“Please!When I met your sister Ruoxi,She is already a big beauty,Isn’t it a little beauty??There is a fundamental difference between big beauties and little beauties!Not to be confused。”
Qin Liang explained seriously。“Nonsense!Then tell me;What is the essential difference between a big beauty and a little beauty??”
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Liu Xiaoyun continued to ask unconvinced。
“Listen well;Big beautiful women can marry home immediately and be a wife and have a baby,Little beauty can’t,Little beauty will have to wait at least a few years,To marry home,This is the essential difference between a big beauty and a little beauty。understand?”
Qin Liangzhen said with words。
“……”Liu Xiaoyun was immediately choked by Qin Liang’s words!These few words are plausible,Although it’s crooked,But you can’t say wrong,If you force to answer,It’s easy to fall into the pit,I can’t say that the little beauty is the same as the big beauty
,You can also take home and be a wife and give birth to a baby……This pit is especially for Liu Xiaoyun“terrible”,So Liu Xiaoyun decided not to speak!otherwise,From now on Qin Liang can be confident“bully”She’s。
“Boss is great,mighty!”Yang Zhishun gave Qin Liang a flattering,As a result, Shen Ruoxue’s eyes immediately fell on his face,Yang Zhi immediately regretted it,I want to slap myself!But the words have been spoken,I regret having a fart!So he
Looking at Shen Ruoxue awkwardly and helplessly,Apologize hard to her with eyes!“Yang Zhige,You suck up well!But you seem to be flattering the wrong person?Do you think my Xiaoxue listens to her brother-in-law?,Still listen more to her girlfriends?It’s nothing if you offend her brother-in-law,If you offend
Her best friend,Ha ha,Think about the consequences。”
Liu Xiaoyun killed Yang Zhi in a few words!Yang Zhilian has no chance,Has fallen into a desperate situation。
“I’m wrong,Xiaoyun,I solemnly apologize to you now!Please forgive me。”
Yang Zhi, this dumb guy,I didn’t even think about it,Immediately became a traitor,Bowed to Liu Xiaoyun!