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  • Ding Yi smiled bitterly。

Ding Yi smiled bitterly。

At noon,Lang Faqian、Wang Jun and Yue Sufen,Came to visit Ding Yi with fruits and some nutrients。When they saw her situation,Lang Faqian said deliberately:“This time I believe Xiao Ding is really hurt,And hurt。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“So you don’t believe that I was hurt?”
Lang Faqian:“If you said I would believe it,The point is that I don’t believe the person who told me。”
“Haha。”Ding Yi and Yue Sufen both laughed。
Lang Faqian continued:“I was really taken aback after hearing the news,Changing generals before the war is the most taboo thing,I don’t believe you are hurt,I really don’t want to believe,I said why there were a few people in front of the TV station this morning doing construction work,It turned out that Tai Chang Wang yelled at the carpet man,Ordered someone to fix the carpet on the steps。”
Wang Jun said:“Of course I will scold them,these people,I’ll do everything for you,I saw them laying carpets several times and they didn’t follow the steps at all.,But put the blanket from top to bottom,It’s over,I yelled them several times,I will pay attention to it later,Just like our reporter went out for an interview,I can’t always ask more why,Have a taste,Errands。”
Lang Faqian looked at Wang Jun,Said:“Now they are all your soldiers,Scold if you like,Expel if you like。”
Wang Jun stared and said:“Dare i?Something you dared not do before,I dare?”
Lang Faqian:“This is the year of reform,After the Spring Festival,Can you implement the recruitment system??I still want to have time to discuss with you。”
Wang Jun poked his mouth,Did not speak。Because they are busy with the Spring Festival Gala,And there is still something in the afternoon,I left without sitting long。
at night,Ding Yiben doesn’t want to follow Langzhu’s live broadcast,She is such a person,Can always take the initiative to shield some unnecessary worries。but,Weng Ning is not here,Xu Ying may be on the news,Xu Ying is learning live broadcast from herself,Out of concern for Xu Ying,She watched the live show,But one thing is more distracting,You are the unbearable pain from the ankle,This pain,Does not seem to be on the epidermis,But the pain that penetrates the bones,This leaves her at a loss,Can’t concentrate on doing anything,Tormented her to sleep。no way,She had to take the painkiller the doctor gave。
General painkillers,To calm the nerves,After Ding Yi took the painkiller,,Sleep surprisingly sweet at night,Recently,She has never slept so down-to-earth,The brain is completely quiet,Got a real break,After waking up the next day,Surprisingly good spirits,Sober head easily,She now knows why Jiang Fan sometimes uses sleeping pills to ensure sleep。She opened her eyes,Exclaimed happily:“Oh my god,I am so happy!”
Du Lei heard the shout,Come in from outside,Asked:“What are you shouting in surprise?”
Ding over his head,Watching her stretch out both arms and say:“Du Lei sister-in-law,let me tell you,I am so happy!”
After Du Lei listened,Walk to her,Touched her forehead,Said:“You don’t have a fever?”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“No,I took the painkiller given by the doctor last night,Sleep well all night,Now it feels as refreshing and clean as if I have washed my brain,Not dreaming,Nothing harassing me,Easy、Refreshing,day,I’m almost floating,Great!”
Du Lei said:“Haven’t you been resting well recently?”