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  • So this is another important reason why Yang Shiyun finally gave himself to Qin Liang!

So this is another important reason why Yang Shiyun finally gave himself to Qin Liang!

Two people who may have no tomorrow at any time,I want to double my eyes“happy”,Also understandable。Of course so far,Compared Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang,Suffered a big loss……But Yang Shiyun doesn’t care,Compared with my true inner feelings,What’s the point if you don’t suffer?。
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One thousand six hundred and nineteen chapters Little wife
? Maybe in front of love,Women all over the world are fools,Yang Shiyun is also a woman,And also a sweet young girl who tasted love for the first time,So how could she be an exception?……
I just lay on the windowsill and thought about it for a long time,Yang Shiyun feels a little hungry,If it was before,She would immediately make a bowl of instant noodles to fill her stomach without even thinking about it。
But now she won’t,She already knew she should treat herself better,She already knew that apart from intense work,Within one’s own ability,I should have a refined and comfortable life……On the way back at night,Qin Liang has purchased a lot of various items for her in the supermarket“Some not”Delicious,So Yang Shiyun wandered into the living room after closing the window,I carefully selected a large number of plastic bags on the table for a while,This is how to choose
‘S snacks returned to the bedroom,At the same time, I didn’t forget that I also took a bottle of red wine.……She used to rarely stick wine,But since I met the two eldest princesses of the Shen family,Red wine has become a drink she often drinks。Slowly she also started to like red wine,According to Murong Shan;Tasteful women drink red wine,So she doesn’t mind if she gets it
This habit。
Back to the bedroom,Yang Shiyun changed her previous meticulous lifestyle,Climbing onto the bed holding snacks and wine,When alone,Indulge yourself,Loose yourself,It’s also quite fun!
Yang Shiyun thought with peace of mind……