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  • “Caught back?You mean the gangster who shot me with the gun was caught?”

“Caught back?You mean the gangster who shot me with the gun was caught?”

Liu Yong asked in surprise!Maybe he didn’t expect Yang Shiyun to move so fast,Because usually,This kind of criminals will have clues to arrest people after a large-scale search。
“Ha ha,Your apprentice has a brain,Something happened to you,She immediately asked those dragon soul fighters to help,Results in a few hours,Caught people back。”
Wang Yan said with a smile。
“Oh,No wonder。”
Liu Yong’s awkward answer,He was embarrassed because:What Wang Yan said,It’s like all the police in Haishang City add up,Qin Liang and his dragon soul fighters are not as good!It’s like if Qin Liang and his dragon soul fighters hadn’t helped,The police in Haishang City couldn’t catch the criminal all night.。
However embarrassing:It is true,If there is no such a clever girl as Liu Xiaoyun,,I really can’t catch Huang Shengli this night!
“Except your apprentice,Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are all outside too,All the dragon soul fighters who participated in the capture operation before are also there。”
Wang Yan briefly reported the situation to Liu Yong,If all the people guarding outside the ward are Haishang police,She doesn’t need to say this,But the Dragon Soul Warriors are neither policemen,Not Liu Yong’s subordinate,Not even Liu Yong’s colleague,So Wang Yan can clearly distinguish the principles,She thinks the dragon soul fighters are here to help,As a guest,So I have to tell Liu Yong。
“Oh……Work hard for them,Ugh。”
Liu Yong smiled bitterly and replied。
“how do you feel?Does the wound hurt??You better stop talking。”
Wang Yan said with concern。
“I can’t get through the anaesthetic,Don’t feel it now,It’s okay。”
Liu Yong pretended to be very relaxed and said。
“Do I have to call in Shiyun and others now??”