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  • This time it’s Shen Ruoxue’s answer。

This time it’s Shen Ruoxue’s answer。

“It seems I should open a bath house at home,Then collect money to sell tickets!There are many girls at home,Estimated to make a fortune。”
Qin Liang said loudly to himself,Of course it was deliberately for everyone。
All the girls laughed。
“Don’t you say,This idea is really good,Anyway, our girls have to take a bath every day,Get rich,It’s totally okay to earn some pocket money。”
Murong Shan nodded in agreement。
“This is not the point,The key is to whom the money for the ticket goes。”
Liu Xiaoyun said mischievously。
“Of course it belongs to me!you still need to ask。”
Shen Ruoxi rushed to say。
“What?What do you say I opened the bathhouse,And the money you earn goes to you?What do you think?Too much?”
Qinliang asked in surprise。
“Pooh!The beauty of thinking,Your money is mine,My money is mine too。understand?”
Shen Ruoxue said frankly。
“I have a hasty!No one else……”
Qin Liang is completely speechless,He used this sentence on various occasions,Various……Heard it many times,And every time the person who says this sentence,It seems that they are just as righteous as Shen Ruoxi。
“What?Do you have an opinion?”
Shen Ruoxi asked proudly,Ask more confidently!