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  • After Hulai helped the team break the deadlock,The game continues。

After Hulai helped the team break the deadlock,The game continues。

Wuzhou Dongshan, one goal behind, launched a fierce counterattack。
They are the real team to be relegated,If you just lose,By the end of the league,Maybe because of this failure, I missed the relegation。
This is for their lives。
The environment of Chinese professional football has indeed improved in recent years,But it’s not very good。If the team is relegated from China League One to China League Two,The sponsor, the owner, and the boss may run away,The number of fans will also plummet,Maybe even the home court is gone。
So if you downgrade,This club is no different from dead,Even if not dissolved,The income of all players will also drop sharply。
For my own job,For family upgrade。Wuzhou Dongshan also has to work hard with Shining Star。
In the next game,Their movements are obviously bigger,The fight is more intense than before,I hope to use this kind of desperate Saburo’s momentum to overwhelm the flashing star who just scored。
After all, Flash Star is only one goal ahead,If they can equalize in a short time,In the end, which one is the one,Hard to say……
In this situation,Yuan Yue’s defense against Zhang Qinghuan was extraordinarily rude。
In addition to public enmity,He still has private grievances in it——Hulai’s goal just now,It was after Zhang Qinghuan passed him easily,Led out Dongshan’s central defender,There is that free one。
If there is no such a time,How come there will be a subsequent loss?
In his eyes,Zhang Qinghuan played with him on purpose……