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  • Chu Deiren seems to guide the three people’s strength、Effectiveness,It can be actually consumed among the Chu Deirers in this large cycle.。

Chu Deiren seems to guide the three people’s strength、Effectiveness,It can be actually consumed among the Chu Deirers in this large cycle.。

“Chu Lee is careful,Three make the sacred fire,originate from《Moving a big move》,You guided them in tall mobility, they are no results.!”黛 丝 连 出 提 提 提。
Although the face of the golden flower mother-in-law,But at this time, the sound is full of mature women’s magnetic……
Originally 原 黛 丝 计划,It is hesitation,However, three have to kill her.,黛 has nothing to do。
“I will turn in a moment.!”
Three sneer,At this time, the sacred fire has formed a gas field.,Chu Deirers are trapped in it,Even if you find it, you can’t get it.……
“Humph!”Chu Deirers sometimes shocks around,Flying in the farther、As if the fish is general,From the three siege。
Three siege,Suddenly frustrated!
If the Chu Deirers have previous internal strength,Actually used“Qiankun has no great strength”What is the so-called hard?“Monogenicity”,Nothing is not worthless。
When I fused to fusion the Tianchi god,Chu Deirers are equivalent to changing the internal power of the maintenance.!
Although chaotic work is also part of the Tianchi god,But it is also difficult to avoid,The internal force is folded for two or three%。
However, the internal strength is weak.,Chu Deirers are now stronger than a month ago.!
I saw the Chu Deirers.,The faint embarrassment,At the same time, a black cloud“Trend”,Since the Chu Debans,Order three make it feel suppressed……
“Let you know,I am in the wind、Aggression,Martial arts comprehension……I call it——Haiwang’s power!”
Seventh chapter Catch a thief
Face,Chu Deirers turned to Tianchi God,Pipe。
When you are wrapped around the squid,Sometimes“Tonize”,The fish is strong、Dapeng Xun!
more importantly,Whether it is a stormy waves that are rolled up while caving,Still the wind of the Dapeng exhibition,Also by the real gas……
Three make the so-called“Monogenicity”,Join forces,Can constitute a singularity,Let Chu Deirers are also stretched。
At this time, the Chu Deirers alone,I set off a stormless field.。
Strong of the wind,I only feel that it seems to be under the moment.,It is necessary to be shredded by the storm,It is like facing true Tianwei,And you are like a boat,Solitary in the sea……
This is the time when the Chu Deirers fight the typhoon at sea.,Understandable“Trend”,Team with Tianchi God,The opponent seems to be in the sea!
At this time, the Chu Deee is not only a squid.、Dapeng,Still、Be a sea——If Tian Boguang has such a wind“Trend”To cooperate with knife,Even“Mostrum”constant,Can also be a left cool。
Three to make the power of the sea,Capture at all。
And the Chu Deirens have a long time……
Chu Deeng Reviva,Be unpredictable,Hui Yue makes it easy for a while、When the chapter is chaotic,Beaded on the wrist,Take a holy fire order!
“Bold!”Huiyue is awkward,I want to take it back.,But it is more busy.。
Chu Deirers hard-up on the back of the wind to make a double-handed one cut,In Huiyue, make the chest and abdomen,Take it to vomit blood、Another holy fire will not hold。
Loss cloud makes it wants to compete,But the Chu Deirers fell to the foot,The real gas shield imitation Buddha rolls,Another holy fire that will make Huiyue,Also rolled over。
Chu Deiren glanced,I found that the holy fire sang has recorded martial arts.,So grabbing the flow cloud、Drink before the wind:“Dog thief!I don’t come to the treasure of my alliance.?”