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  • Ou Zhaozhao is in a trance,because,Space is back.

Ou Zhaozhao is in a trance,because,Space is back.

After Ou Zhaozhao passed out,Baby Ou is in a hurry。
Feng Yang persuaded her to calm down while calling people to come and lift Ou Zhaozhao up。Here are all scientists,A lot of miscellaneous studies,There are many people with good medical skills,Some of them came directly to check on Ou Zhaozhao,“Just emotional,nothing。”
Baby Ou frowned,This is also because of space?What excited?Still because she is fine?
But obviously,This is not the time to say this,Leaving the laboratory smoothly,After returning to the ground for isolation,Although it’s not when talking,but,At least not so depressed and tight。
“Jiang Fan, according to An Dong,Launched a new round of experiments。Experimental project between human and metal disc,It’s over temporarily,If there are no breakthrough facts in the future,,Will never restart such projects。”
Baby Ou while eating an apple,Said to Ou Zhaozhao,“They said it was my credit.But i think,This is tantamount to directly letting scientists like An Xiaoqing and I fight to death。”Fake Wang Lan’s real name is An Xiaoqing,A beautiful name,but,She herself is not so beautiful.Not to mention it for now。
“Scientists like An Xiaoqing,My favorite is to start with people,Think all science and technology,Are all related to humans,I want to react to humans when doing any experiment.”It sounds reasonable,but,Really practice,It’s also an unimaginable horror。
Baby Ou speaking of this,Sigh,“Jiang Fan said that scientists like them,Always easy to collapse。Because too many people sacrificed,They are prone to demons。That is, there is a problem in my heart。Like An Xiaoqing,Not bad,It is said that there are more terrifying and inhumane.”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Three detail
Tut,Human progress,Where is it so easy.An Xiaoqing’s blood theory has some truth.,but,She cannot treat anyone as blood that can be sacrificed at will。
Disregarding the wishes of others,Deprive others of freedom and life,It’s a proper crime!!!Even if someone else sacrificed voluntarily,Legally,Is also a crime!!!
Like An Xiaoqing and the others,Everyone in the world is my thoughts,Is really scary。
Baby Ou thinks that science should improve while helping humans and nature,Instead of sacrificing humanity while making progress。This difference is quite big。
Ou Zhaozhao is eating peaches,I don’t know if I stayed there for a long time,Or because of being in the desert,The mother and daughter have recently wanted to eat various fruits。