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“Yes,I understand!”

Liu Xiaoyun nodded seriously and agreed。“If I deal with the dealer alone,By my ability,It is not difficult to escape safely,And it won’t hurt everyone。and so,Action tomorrow,It’s me and you,Serving as a battlefield commander。You must act according to my current...

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Just when he was stupefied,This number becomes29:23:59:45。 Hu Lai realized that this was a countdown! There is still a countdown to this task?! What the hell! He was thinking about putting this task,Let it be,It will happen,Will it be...

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“What is he doing?”

Peng Changyi said calmly:“Studying cooking。” Jiang Fan was taken aback,Say:“what,Cooking?” “Ok,North and South dishes、Man Han Feast,Are studying。” Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“This old comrade,interesting。” Peng Changyi didn’t follow his words and continued,Just ask Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,What to eat?” Ding Yi said:“casual,I want...

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The swallow immediately said loudly。

“alright,Let’s change the topic,Your master and apprentice will praise me like this again,I can’t even find North。” Shen Ruoxi screamed and called…… Silent night,Bright street lights illuminate the empty hospital compound brightly,Except for the night wind blowing through the...

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