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  • “It’s not very clear already,Don’t we have valuable collateral?”Xiao Xiao raised his brow,Said very unhappy。

“It’s not very clear already,Don’t we have valuable collateral?”Xiao Xiao raised his brow,Said very unhappy。

Xia Jian didn’t understand what Luo Yi wanted to do。If you have collateral,What are you doing??
“I say this,Of course it has what I said。I don’t know if your company has valuable collateral,But I know Xia Jianyou”Luo Yi said,Ha ha smile,Doesn’t look like joking。
The fog in Xia Jian’s head,He is really a little bit baffled。What does he have?Isn’t he the only one?Luo Yi wouldn’t say he used him as a mortgage, right?!
“okay!Stop making trouble。What valuable collateral can I have。A jeep of two to three million,There are also hundreds of thousands of deposits,But this little money is not enough!”Xia Jian simply revealed his trump card in public,Otherwise, people who don’t know the truth really think he has a lot of money。
Luo one by one,Suddenly laughed:“It seems you really don’t know that you have a treasure。How about this!Which little bronze lion you put on your table as a mortgage to me,I gave your company a loan of 10 million at a bank interest rate。Three-year period,After three years,Exchange money for your little copper lion”
“what?Little Copper Lion?”Xia Jian just remembered。This is a small souvenir given to Nalandeping when he treated him。He thought it was just an ordinary object,So I just put it on the table in his room。I didn’t expect this thing to be worth ten million。
Xia Jian looked at Luo Yi,Haven’t spoken for a long time。He’s a bit trapped,He doesn’t believe what Luo Yi said?Still don’t believe that this bronze lion is so precious?
Everyone looked at Xia Jian silly,Xia Jian looked at Luo Yi motionlessly。Watched for two or three minutes,Xia Jian’s mind suddenly moved。
He said loudly:“it is good!Mr. Luo,Since you said that,Let’s go through the mortgage procedures immediately,Because we are competing for the money“
“no problem,I will call the group now,Let’s get the collateral by plane tomorrow morning.,Ten million will be paid to your account the day after tomorrow at the latest”Luo Yi said very positively。
Several people present might think that this happiness came too suddenly,Everyone hasn’t recovered for a long time。Xia Jian glanced at Dragon Ball in a daze and said:“Go and pick up Miss Jin,Let her help prepare the mortgage loan procedures”
“Ok!I’ll go now”Dragon Ball took a breath,Trot away。
Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian,Then he sighed and said:“Thank you very much, Mr. Luo, in our situation,Can help”
“The key is that you have the capital that I can help,Otherwise, I can only sigh,Love can’t help”Luo Yi is very free and easy。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang。He took out a look,Heiwa is calling。Xia Jian answered the phone busy。
“Hey!President Xia,Brother Zhang said,He knows this Du Sanniu,Just a social mess,But the means are quite big。Brother Zhang has already called him,I didn’t expect this person to agree,See you tonight at Jupengquanzhuang”Heiwa on the phone,Speak loudly。
Xia Jian hesitated while holding his phone:“it is good!Where are you waiting,I will come at night”Heiwa answered on the phone,Hung up。