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  • These five people have noticed the existence of books in the same moment.,Rely over,Roll up effect。

These five people have noticed the existence of books in the same moment.,Rely over,Roll up effect。

“This is the hero of the Yuejing Group.?I want to take advantage of the end of Golden Week.,Do you swear??”
“My chess is amateur3part,At the same time, we should pay so many opponents.,Even the professional player,It should be very hard.。”
“Do not talk nonsense,Directly。”
“Then,let’s start。”After deep breathing,The breath of the subject is also precipitated.,Put the gesture of the enemy。
Although the five people are,Single alone, one of them, you may be as simple as you,But it is still not enough packaging together.。
Chess game,The like of the five people exposed after the body,Science is also from left to right,Guess the fall in turn。
Layout,He recalls something to learn from Saito during the day,Layout,Medium dish is like a fire,Boarding,And falling as a mountain。
Three seconds,A step。
Hanging angle,Take off。
Hanging angle,Take off first。
Five chessboards are scattered from the beginning。
Every step of your step is in touch with the wind.,Airflow as if Haidan lift,Fall behind the board,I will also take out the effect of a tornado.。
Al don’t want any electric fan.,Take this cooling in the summer.。
The sullen sound of punches came up from one of the chessboards.,Look back,Sure enough, someone can’t help but,Choose to join him in the empty shelf。
Maybe this person is talking to the game.,Isn’t it owed??
I am going to go back to the opponent.——Take off!
This person is more angry,I didn’t expect that Koho’s actually ignored his entry.。
He is very angry with a knife,I finally cut this way of cutting.。
Boarding is more happy,The dead is not more,Hurry and then grab a big one。
This person is more stupid.,Suddenly found a few hands,In fact, I also ate some mosquito meat. This person, his previous chess is not like this.!
Five people are very spall,They all know that this person is playing a lot of color in the group.,Although I didn’t see the game,But according to report description,Chess seems to be a very strong battleful chess。
But see a few steps,This report is in the smoke fog?
Layout,Science is obviously able to feel the starting line at the beginning.,This time,He is all walking on the road。
Although it is just a short course,But he can obviously feel a lot of you.。
Familiar layout,This is his real soul personality.。
Chapter 20 · Is it this
Chess game enters the middle tray,Time is also coming to 9:00,Guests in Gohouse are reduced,But the guests staying are all around this table.,Looking at this stimulating wild five。
Deal with,Twist,Grow out,Longer,The fierce center battle is based on the thunderous power,Sweeping around each board。
Although this group looks quite high,But chess wind also implements the vulgar battle of the teahouse play.,The guidelines are all rushing,Intermittent。
But in this group, you don’t want to think more.,There is an impetuous gas between the fall,Codes can only reach the extent to which the thickness is,More than the week to take the brain。
But this is1v5,There are not many thinking hours on each board.,Almost only a vague judgment,Then immediately jump to the next board,Take out from previous thinking inertia,Recover this chessboard。
This is a considerable consumption,In addition to dealing with calculation,Also deal with non-coherent。
Tricky,Press from all sides,Blink,The maze composed of thorns appears in front of you。
Between the fall,The hand of the scientific hand is separated from the moment on the board,He suddenly found some questions in this step.,I can’t help but frown。
But the other party did not think too much,Turnover。
He also regretted the moment.,I also found that the problem of justice,I can’t wait to fly my own two pieces.。
After reaching to this plate,Corporation。
Not slowly,Well, there are a little bit of a bit of thorns.。
Koho is roughly a pair of rhythms.。