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  • People eat an average of 7 in their lifetime.

People eat an average of 7 in their lifetime.

50,000 meals can’t be done!

People eat an average of 7 in their lifetime.

50,000 meals can’t be done!

If you calculate according to the age of 70 years, in the 70 years, including the water you drink and the food you eat, the total amount of food injected is up to 50?
60 tons, 30 cars with two tons of trucks.

People eat an average of 7 in their lifetime.

50,000 meals, any meal can transform a person’s health direction, any time intervention can come, of course, the sooner the intervention, the better.

Dark vegetables, the deeper the color of vegetables, carotene, riboflavin and vitamin C, will be higher than light-colored vegetables, and will be rich in a variety of phytochemicals beneficial to human health.

Recommended for adults to eat vegetables 300 per day?
500 grams, preferably about half of dark vegetables.

Dark vegetables include dark green, red, orange, and purple vegetables.

Among them, common dark green vegetables: spinach, rapeseed, winter cold vegetables, celery leaves, leeks (swirl dishes), lettuce leaves, mustard greens, broccoli, shallots, sage, leeks, radish and so on.

Red orange vegetables include tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, and red peppers.

Fuchsia vegetables: red leeks, purple cabbage and so on.

Different parts of vegetables often have different nutrition.

The vitamin content of the leaves is higher than that of the rhizome, such as lettuce leaves, celery leaves, and radish, which are twice as high as the corresponding roots.

Pickles mustard should not be placed on the dinner table. Experts from the Chinese Nutrition Society Science Experts Group said: Now some supermarkets have limited salt spoons for sale, generally 6 grams and 2 grams.

If you don’t have a salt-limited spoon, you can use some simple and easy-to-obtain items instead.

For example, a beer bottle cap can hold 6 grams of salt, and a Coke bottle cap can hold 10 grams of salt.

In addition to patients with heart and kidney dysfunction, it is recommended to purchase and use low sodium salts.

There is also attention to invisible salt, such as one or two sauces containing about 7 grams of salt, one or two mustard contains about 5 grams of salt, one or two MSG contains about 10 grams of salt, and a salted duck egg contains about 6 grams of salt.

Try not to buy or buy less pickled vegetables, bean paste and other foods with high salt content, and do not put them on the table, and do not create conditions for people with heavy taste.

When cooking, the dishes are cooked and then salted. You can use onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, mustard and vinegar to learn and appreciate the taste of the food itself (such as scallions, celery and chives).Dependence of salt.

Also try to drink too much hot and sour soup, spicy soup and other salty soup, a bowl of 500 ml of salty soup, salt content of about 5 grams, should drink less.

Picky about the elegant dining environment, warm atmosphere, light music, can promote appetite, is conducive to the secretion of digestive juice, is conducive to food digestion and nutrient absorption.

On the contrary, the noisy and noisy dining environment will suppress appetite, which is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, and certainly will be detrimental to health.

It is not advisable to eat and watch videos at home, because it often ignores the taste of food, which will increase the burden on the brain, inhibit the function of the digestive organs, reduce the secretion of digestive juice, and affect the digestion and absorption of food.

The takeaway can not often eat nutritionists: According to the data released by the National Development and Reform Commission official website at the end of September 2017, the number of online take-out users reached 2.

09 million people.

There are basically high-oil, high-salt, high-sugar problems in take-away foods. There are many meats, more staple foods, less fruits and vegetables, and the proportion of foods is not scientific, resulting in serious shortage of fiber.

There are many seasonings, and it is rare to really taste the original taste of the food.

Moreover, the takeaway merchant dragon snake body, the source of food, quality and health and safety have hidden dangers.