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  • “I don’t play with you,So i won’t beat you,Won’t lose to you。”

“I don’t play with you,So i won’t beat you,Won’t lose to you。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。
“Why don’t you compete with me?”
Qin Liang asked confusedly。
“Because i can’t ride a horse……”
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,Or told the truth frankly。
“What?You can’t ride a horse?”
Qin Liang is a little confused,In his heart,Liu Xiaoyun is from heaven to earth,omnipotent,She doesn’t know how to ride a horse without being quite jacket……
“Is it weird I can’t ride a horse?I haven’t touched horses,It’s normal to not ride?”
Liu Xiaoyun said frankly。
“normal,Too normal……So be it,Brother-in-law takes you to ride。”
Qin Liang was happy,This is the opportunity again!Riding on a horse with Liu Xiaoyun,That’s not how I want to take advantage of her, how to take advantage of her,She has nowhere to hide!
“I don’t ride,I’m afraid of falling on me……”
This is how Liu Xiaoyun is particularly good,What to say,Will not cover up your shortcomings just because you want face。
“rest assured,Have brother-in-law,How could I fall you?You ask Xiaoxue,When she first started,I took her to ride a horse,Then she can ride a horse now??It’s okay,You don’t have to be afraid,I am here,Can i still let you fall?”
Qin Liang tried his best to lobby Liu Xiaoyun。
“But I am scared!”
Liu Xiaoyun is not doing her best now,But tell the truth very honestly。
“A dragon soul warrior,How can you not ride a horse??What to do if you encounter a situation that requires horseback fighting on the battlefield in the future?You can’t ride,Your opponent will ride,Then you will be miserable,You can’t deal with the opponent’s horse,Kick can kick you down。”
Qin Liang said half jokingly and half seriously。