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  • Jiang Fan said:“how about it?”

Jiang Fan said:“how about it?”

Ding Yi said:“good to eat,fresh、salty、Waxy、Fragrant。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Just delicious,It means I’m not busy。”Talking,I used chopsticks to give her spring rolls,Put it in her little dish。
Ding Yi hurriedly stopped,Said:“I have enough porridge。”
Jiang Fan said:“such,You take a bite,Taste。”
Ding Yi said:“You put down,I’ll get the knife,Cut a piece。”
Jiang Fan said:“Don’t bother,Just bite。”Talking,And delivered the spring rolls to her mouth。
“I have a bite,What to do with the rest?”
“Just bite,I eat the rest。”
First22chapter Always care for the mission
Ding Yi opened his mouth to bite,I’m almost biting,Jiang Fan moved the spring rolls to the left of her mouth,Ding opened his mouth and moved to the left,When I bite again,Jiang Fan moved to the right again,Ding Yi knew he was teasing himself,It’s indecent to think that I am opening my mouth like this,Just grab his hand,Bite hard,Talk while eating:“Ok,Not bad,Very fragrant。”
Jiang Fan held the spring rolls she had bitten and said:“Do you want?”
Ding Yi looked at the porridge in the bowl,Said:“No more。”