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[Honeycomb Honey Shelf Life]_ Validity Period _ Effective Period

[Honeycomb Honey Shelf Life]_ Validity Period _ Effective Period

Honeycomb is a popular health supplement, and it is also a nutritional product used by many people to improve their physique, enhance their immunity, and make them less ill.

Of course, as a kind of honey, the hive also has a certain shelf life. If the shelf life has passed, the hive can no longer be consumed.

So, how long is the shelf life of the hive?

The following will introduce you to relevant aspects of knowledge.

First, does honey have a shelf life? Honeycomb honey has a shelf life.

Although honeycomb honey is also a type of honey, this honey is raw honey, without processing, and contains a lot of other ingredients. Unlike pure honey, it is susceptible to fungal infections and relatively easy to spoil.

Second, how long is the shelf life of honeycomb honey? The shelf life of honeycomb honey is affected by the preservation method. Honeycomb honey has almost no shelf life in the honeycomb and can be stored for a long time. This is closely related to the regular cleaning and replacement of honeybees. After taking it, it is kept at room temperature.Can only store 5?
10 days; put it in the refrigerator can delay its deterioration, can save 1?
3 months.

Third, how to tell if the honeycomb honey has an expired smell: fresh honeycomb honey has a strong sweetness and also has the waxy taste of honeycomb; and expired honeycomb honey has deteriorated and has a sour taste.

Look at the characteristics: The color of the fresh honeycomb honey is clear and transparent, and the outer layer has a milky white cover. It has a frozen texture, poor fluidity, and even crystallization at low temperatures.

The expired honeycomb honey color will be dim, and many caps will leak air, and the texture will be like water flow, and some may even leak out.

Fourth, how to keep the best honeycomb honey in a vacuum: Pack the honeycomb honey in a small box that can evacuate air. After closing the lid, use an air pump to evacuate the air as much as possible, and store it in a sealed environment.It contains very little oxygen, and many fungi will be severely inhibited. The maximum possible shelf life of honeycomb is prolonged, which is suitable for long-distance transportation. Can be stored without opening?
After 2 years, it should be resumed or stored in the refrigerator as soon as possible after opening.

Refrigerator storage: The low temperature of the refrigerator has inhibitory effect on many fungi, but the inhibitory effect is not very strong. Therefore, placing the collected honeycomb honey in the frozen layer of the refrigerator can save the honeycomb1?
No deterioration in 3 months.