May 2021

At the moment the film was exposed,Peng Changyi wants to understand what to do,He picked up the note on the table,Said:“Xiaole,Look at this transcript,You make this place,See clearly?this place。”He pointed to one sentence,Say:“‘Upside down into the east,I can’t see’,Ends at this place,This paragraph of this page,You are doing it again,Let him press his handprint,Then I called his uncle,Let him lead people,This kid can’t stay in Kangzhou anymore,Must get out!”

Chen Le looked at the transcript again,Looked at the exposed film again,I understood what the director meant,Said:“it is good,I will go up,Do this place again。”Talking,After tidying up the things on the table,Waiter again,Let them quickly bring the rice and...

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“Can i stop breathing……”

Feifei Sun can’t hold on,This stretch*Posture,She has been holding on for ten minutes,Can’t hold on anymore。 “amount……Ok,You take a break,Let’s come to the next proposition。” Qin Liangyi’s unfinished answer。 Feifei Sun is also a genius,She didn’t want to think;Which...

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Outside the machine window is a white cloud that can’t be seen,Sun shines on white clouds,Sometimes you can see the dazzling reflection!

“Mr,Do you need something to drink?” A sweet voice rang around me,“Skin monkey”Turn back,I saw the charming smile of a flight attendant,Zhengtian smiled and looked at herself。 “Oh,Orange juice!” In an instant,“Skin monkey”I remembered the famous satin that Mr....

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