更近了! 突地。 东方明心头猛地一跳。 因为,他看到夏天的嘴角,也勾起一抹弧度。 恰在此时,东方明的身形猛地一滞,腹部一麻。 还不等他反应过来,只见夏天不退反进,双脚地上摩擦,犹如犹如一般突进。 而后猛地冲天而起! 同时,以一种极其嚣张的姿态……半空三百六十度旋转,扭腰摆腿,狠狠扫在了他的脑袋上。 “噗!” 哪怕东方明竭力避闪,仍然发出了一声痛苦的呻吟,已经被踢飞出去上百米远。 人还在半空,便大口吐血。 最后重重砸落地上,又被一股巨大惯性翻滚出去十多米,才停了下来。 东方明只感觉头晕目眩,未等他冲天而起,夏天便踏空而来。 呼的一声,又是一腿劈扫而下,直接将他砸落地上。 砰! 顺势一脚踏在其胸口,又猛力一撩,将他提的在地面上翻滚出去十多米。 “哧” Over the way,Oriental Ming quickly waved a sword。 Summer shape,Like the immortality。 At the same time, I will play a fire dragon.。...

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A series of emergency flashlights illuminate,The room is barely brightly lit,The horrible scene finally happened,Not far from Gao Yalei,Wang Dongmin’s body stood motionless on the ground,Don’t know life and death,There is another guy sitting on the ground beside him,Trembling all over,Binocular,The mental state is obviously wrong,I’m afraid it’s the person who screamed just now。

“Have someone repair the circuit immediately,Find out the cause of the power outage。”Although pretending to be calm,But Bai Xiaojun’s voice became quite hoarse and dry,The eyes looking at Wang Dongmin lying on the ground suddenly became weird and terrified。...

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Listen to Wang Degui,Anger burst out,He lowered his voice and shouted:“Even if the parents are gone,She has brothers and sisters。I took her to her hometown today,Burn some paper money for her parents,Look at brother and sister-in-law,This is also an excellent thing,Why can’t you think of it?”

“ Is not,Chunni did not say,I can’t remember”Wang Youcai clutching his scalp,A little embarrassed to say。But this should really be done。 Seeing Wang Youcai stopped speaking,Wang Degui immediately called his wife Chen Yueqin in,He confessed to her in a...

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