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“Girls home,Under the broad public,Slightly pay attention!”

“I know,mother!This place is remote,No one!Be relieved.!”
Ye Xianning on the wall is listening to this,Slightly hidden in the leaves next to the leaves
“and many more,and many more,Pause!”
Second day,Niu Niu took the lead to the college to inform a few brothers,The arrival of oneself。
Walking on the road,Suddenly there is something induced,Niu Niu opened the curtain,See a familiar back。
“Miss,what happened?”
The car immediately pulled the horse。
Fortunately, I am walking on the street.,I haven’t run very fast.,It’s not difficult to stop。
“fine,Go on it forward!”
Niu Niu looked up again,The man is noware where it is disappeared.。
Since he has already come back,I believe that the luxury will come back soon.。
Into myself,Will only fight the snake。
Niu Niu gently bucking the door ring。
“Who is?”
soon,A head explores from a bias,
“Is a little girl.,Why is it??”
“I am looking for someone.!”
“what?Our college is now teaching”
“fine,I don’t go in.!Can you help me tell my brother?,Let them go home after school today??”
“You are?”
“what,My name is Su Anran.!Su Yuyu、Su Wei Xuan, they are my brother.!”
“Sujia brothers!I will tell them!”
Niu Niu and time a time,Quit,Let the little turn on the door。
“mother,I am back!”
Niu Niu has always thought about the back of you just seen.,Interest is not too high。
“Is there a happening in the book??”
Zhou’s worry。
“No!Second, they should come back.!The old gentleman should come together.!”
“Mr. Mr. is also together.!That is ready to prepare!Let me see if I bought it today.?”