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  • He asked:“Blue,You have to go out again.?”

He asked:“Blue,You have to go out again.?”

Lan Xin nodded,“I went to the construction site.。”
“Su Xi goes out,What do you do??”Lu Haozheng,Working territory is so dangerous,She can’t go。
Lan Xin looked at her laughing:“Since the construction site starts,I have been there once.,Dad is not often said??Look more, do more, learn more, you can enter as soon as possible.。”
“Then I will accompany you.。”
“Do you want to go to the construction site??Amin is hurt,You must be responsible for a lot of things now,It’s fine,I am going to see it.,Xu always there。”Blue Xin smiles with him。
Su Wei and Qing Dynasty have come out。
Joe Yi is also going together。
Lu Haocheng is quite helpless,“That is going back.,Don’t wait too long,I will come back alone for an hour.。”
“Um!”Blue Xin laughs,Leave with three people。
Ink dye drivers,All the way,Su Wei reports this side。
Joe Yiyi heard boring,She regards these things,What is she doing??
Yesterday, Blue Xin said,She said that she can’t go??
She can’t say it.。
I thought that the Lady of Li I asked Lin Xin last night.,What do you do?。
Joe Yiyi has some hanging,Although she hates Blue Xin,But don’t want to live on your back。
She just wants to let Lantin fall into hell from heaven.,I am very happy than she is over.。
“Miss,Xu has always worried about the sale of sales,I have been calling such a good advice these days.,Pre-sale effect is not good。”Su Wei has been very worried about this problem.,After all, Miss first contact real estate。
Blue Xin’s eyebrows look at her,“Is the five certificates complete??I started to pre-sell this.?”
Su Lao Road:“We will know when we look at it now.。”
Blue Xinyu,In the case of five certificates,There will be many uncertain factors,Pre-sale in advance makes the risk of buyers in their hearts,Will also make buyers more cautious。
The building material is that she didn’t have an accident in Su Shengming.,Just understand Su Sei Ming,As long as this is no problem,Quality is hard, you can’t sell it.。
Even if you can’t sell it,There is also an Yida Group behind her.,I am not worried about this.。
Joe Yiyi listened to the dialogue of their two, some strange questions:“Su Yu,I really don’t understand you.,Others are called Lan Xin,Why do you always call Miss??”
Su Lao listened to her problem and frowned,Migrate look at her:“Just a name,What is so strange?。”
“She is already married.,Do you call Miss??”Joe Yiyi,The name of Mo Danyu is very strange。
Su Xi smiled:“Joe Yiyi,Because we are the mother of Miss,Of course, this is called Miss.。”
“What are you?,Lady of Miss Miss。”Joe Yiyi。
Blue Xin’s good life will make her die.。
Su Xi smiled,Explain:“We are raised by Miss’s mother.,Naturally, Miss is used to it.。”
“Hey!People are more popular,Blue Xin,You said how you are so good.?”Joe Yiyi。