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So the elders quickly followed out,Teenager standing in the courtyard looking up at the sky,The elders quickly occupied four positions to watch,One by one,Serious face,There is a posture of rain。

The air was tense in the small courtyard,Wu Feng’er has never seen such a battle,Seeing this posture, everyone is not protecting the teenager,But look at you like a thief,They seem to have a lot of conflict,Are the old men...

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The smiling tiger changed his face as usual,Naturally, we must first express our respect for the two barristers,Then it emphasized the care for the case and the care of several migrant workers,And has already sent most of the migrant workers back to the construction site as promised last night,Spread the last hands,The remaining two have been taken away by the criminal police team,I have the heart to help,But there is nothing I can do。

———— Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Sneaky Hua Yun just rushed back from downtown,I haven’t had time to contact the construction site,Naturally, he would not easily believe what Fatty Shen said,So I was relieved after calling to verify,This...

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Li Erjiao is ugly,Angered anger,The heart is getting more and more uneasy。 He is deeply breathing a breath,Tour calm,Turner,“Money,Give it to take him……” The sound is abundant。 At the same time,Li Erdo and the expression on Qianbei face becomes...

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After a battle at night,Everyone’s eyes on Li Tianchou are completely different,With a trace of awe in cordiality。This makes Li Tianchou feel a little uncomfortable,I have no choice but to talk to everyone。After a few jokes,Everyone’s nervousness gradually faded,Started talking and laughing。

Talking about the group fight just now,Many people are excited,Spitting stars,Even the volume has to be raised a lot。Li Tianchou probably understood,Only two or three of the workers were slightly injured,The others are unscathed,Compared to the miserable situation of...

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